BOSTON (CBS) — Massachusetts volunteers are on the scene assisting victims hit by the full fury of Hurricane Harvey.

Andrew Enos is one of those Massachusetts Red Cross workers who are volunteering at a shelter in Yorktown, Texas. He says his team has helped 15 people who were driven from their homes by the hurricane. Those people have been allowed to return home.

harvey wind Massachusetts Volunteers Aid Texans Hard Hit By Harvey

Winds from Hurricane Harvey were strong enough to bend the flag pole. (Photo credit: Brandon Clement, LSM)

“Right now we’re in Yorktown. Right now we’re just getting hit with a lot of rain. I’m currently being moved out of my shelter to another shelter in need of help with staffing,” Enos said.

The Massachusetts group is being sent 90 miles south to Corpus Christi, a city that was hit much harder by the storm.

“I’m currently being moved from my shelter to another shelter that needs the help,” Enos said.

red cross volunteers Massachusetts Volunteers Aid Texans Hard Hit By Harvey

Red Cross volunteers loading aid. (Photo credit: Massachusetts Red Cross Facebook page)


Red Cross volunteers from across the nation spent the day loading up supplies, like food and water from a disaster command center near Houston.

The hurricane may be weakening, but tornadoes are possible, along with up to three feet of rain.

governor baker Massachusetts Volunteers Aid Texans Hard Hit By Harvey

Governor Baker in Roxbury. (WBZ-TV)

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker said he sent a message to Texas Governor Greg Abbott even before the hurricane hit.

“I texted directly with Governor Abbott before it got there and told him that whatever we could do to help with be in with both feet on,” Baker said.

After Harvey made landfall, Baker said supporting the state of Texas is the least Massachusetts can do.

“Let’s face it, we had a lot of people who came and helped us out during the snowstorms in 2015 and if we can help the folks in Texas, we’ll do what we can to help them,” Baker said.

So far, one death has been reported and many more have been injured. 1,400 people have been helped by emergency shelters.

The Massachusetts volunteers say they’re prepared to stay for at least two more weeks.


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