BOSTON (CBS) — The federal government is asking the state of Massachusetts to turn over information on the 40,000 patients who were prescribed medical marijuana.

The request coming from the White House’s National Marijuana initiative has Governor Charlie Baker concerned.

Some of the data requested is generic, like the gender and age of the patient. However, Baker is concerned about the requests for information on specific patient conditions.

“I guess it would depend a lot on exactly what they ask for, but the bottom line here is we’re not going to do anything that puts anybody’s personal information in jeopardy,” Baker said.

Medical cannabis is on sale in Allston. (WBZ-TV)

Baker says no information will be turned over to the federal government that will compromise patients.

“We just got the request. We won’t do anything that is going to violate anybody’s privacy. I can promise you that,” Baker said.

Massachusetts isn’t the only state that has been contacted by the federal government.

So far the state has complied and given general information like the age of the patient and date of the prescription, but not information on medical conditions. The state says that data could actually be used to identify the patient.

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  1. Jimmy Perry says:

    Tell big brother to go to hell. They have no reason ,that is legal for that information. A court would uphold the denial of that request.

  2. Kurt Bullard says:

    Really? We have some companies requiring a chip installed in you to get a job, or the Federal Govt. asking for each person’s security codes (accounts, personal)….when you get to the state of affairs where EVERYTHING is regulated, out-lawed or over-lawed, taxed, controled, education and information Federally directed….what do they do then?

  3. Rick Rosio says:

    I will take a different position on this issue. It may be simple data collection for the review of policy change regarding schedule 1. What must be shown is the wide range of treatment options that cannabis can be helpful with, and in that process maybe the government is simply seeking data to develop new policies for the future as we end the prohibition of this plant.
    Not everything has a nefarious intent and I have seen the Federal government show compassion and understanding regarding the developing end of cannabis prohibition in dealing with new state laws that run against the Federal prohibition.
    The medical cannabis program we are developing for pain management and wellness is data driven in order to provide that necessary studies to be able to advance whole plant cannabis therapy out of the dark and into the light of general wellness.
    Have faith that the end of cannabis prohibition is near… it is about the government finding a regulatory structure that works for taxation and uniform regulation.

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