BOSTON (CBS) — It was a Buy or Sell Monday on the Game of Jones. Listen above as Adam Jones and Nick Cattles go over some buy-or-sell scenarios related to the Red Sox, the Patriots, Magic Johnson, and the solar eclipse.

Buy or Sell: The Red Sox are the best team in the American League

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“Oh, sell,” said Jones. “They’re not even the best team on the field [Monday night]. They’re taking on the Cleveland Indians. … I don’t even think they’re better than Cleveland, never mind Houston.”

Buy or Sell: Rex Burkhead is No. 1 on the Patriots’ running back depth chart

“That’s always a tricky question, but I buy it,” said Jones. “And I would interpret that as, he’s not gonna be the guy playing the most first downs – he may not even be the guy who plays the most snaps. What I would interpret that as is … When you need a play, who’s the guy that’s on the field?”

Buy or Sell: Patriots will trade for a Jaguar, Texan, or Lion during the season

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“I buy that, and I underestimated the history that Bill Belichick has when it comes to trades with teams that [the Patriots] had joint practices with,” said Jones. “Bill Belichick has plucked at least one player from every joint practice opponent – every single one! – since 2010.”

Buy or Sell: Magic Johnson was the mastermind behind Paul George’s exit from Indians

“I sell that he’s a mastermind behind anything,” said Jones. “He’s on Jimmy Kimmel and he’s winking at Jimmy Kimmel when they’re talking about tampering! … That said, I still think the Lakers are getting [George]. I don’t think the league’s going to step in and prevent it.”

Buy or Sell: Staring at a solar eclipse is more dangerous than staring at the sun

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“I’m gonna sell that,” said Jones. “I haven’t done any research on that, but I’m gonna sell it.”