By Bill Shields

ORLEANS (CBS) – There was not a lot of swimming at Nauset Beach Tuesday and the warning signs were out after a shark attacked a seal just yards offshore.

“You kind of just stay in a little closer than you usually would,” one man said.

“I’m perfectly safe, sitting in my beach chair,” a woman said.

Nauset Beach in Orleans (WBZ-TV)

On Monday, a shark attacked a seal, not 50 yards from the beach.

As the wounded seal tried to get away, it left a trail of blood in the ocean not far from two surfers.

Surfers swim to shore after shark attacks seal off Nauset Beach (Image credit Thayer Wade)

One of them was Nisi Schlanger. “I see like blood, and I see like a huge animal coming for me, swimming toward me,” Nisi said. “So I started splashing around, I was panicking.”

But he and his friend were unhurt.

At Nauset, most people swam within ten yards of the beach, but seemed to take it all in stride. “I’m gonna swim,” said one man, “but not very far out.”

Bill Shields


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