BRIDGEWATER (CBS) — A man was seriously injured Friday morning when he fell through the collapsing floor at a Bridgewater bakery entrance.

A delivery worker bringing a mixer weighing about 300 pounds to the Just Desserts Bakery on Main Street fell through the floor at one of the entrance doors at about 9:30 a.m.

The mixer fell into the basement and the delivery worker fell on top of the huge piece of equipment.

just desserts bakery Bridgewater Bakery Entrance Floor Collapse Leaves 1 Hurt

Just Desserts Bakery, where a man fell through the floor. (Photo credit: WBZ-TV/SkyEye)

Bakery owner Lisa Lundin says the incident was completely unexpected.

“It could have been our delivery of sugar on Tuesday. It could have been our other delivery at any time during the week,” Lundin said. “It could have been anyone. Just to think it was that poor guy with the mixer.”

bakery floor 1 Bridgewater Bakery Entrance Floor Collapse Leaves 1 Hurt

Bakery Floor hole. (Photo credit: Marc Vasconellos)

The floor of the building is poured concrete supported by wooden beams. Bridgewater Building Inspector Steve Solari says the years have taken their toll on the wood.

“From years of water, the air conditioning, the floors, some rot got into them and I don’t know how safe the rest of them are,” Solari said.

There are six businesses in the building and now all support beams will have to be inspected.

Solari says they want to talk to the owner.

“We’re waiting for the owner to show up and he’s going to be required to get an engineer to see if all the other entrances are safe enough to use,” Solari said.

The man was treated by paramedics and then sent to a local hospital.

just desserts with police tape Bridgewater Bakery Entrance Floor Collapse Leaves 1 Hurt

Just Desserts with police tape. (Photo credit: Marc Vasconcellos)

The delivery driver is expected to recover from his injuries.


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