CONCORD, NH (CBS) — The New Hampshire Republican Party headquarters was spray painted with the word “Nazis” inside a hand-drawn heart Wednesday night.

Concord Police found the vandalism Thursday morning.

Nazi heart graffiti spray painted on the NH GOP headquarters building. (Photo credit: NH GOP)

Police say the vandals also threw rocks through several of the windows and other graffiti had been spray painted on the outside of the building.

Broken window at New Hampshire Republican Party Headquarters. (Photo credit: NH GOP)

Concord Police Lieutenant Sean Ford says the vandalism is evidence of the times.

“In today’s atmosphere, I think we all can agree that this is not a tolerable message to put on any surface. The message itself is extremely concerning to this police department and I’m sure in the community at large,” Ford said.

New Hampshire Democratic Party Chairman Ray Buckley agrees that the act was unacceptable.

“Vandalism is unacceptable, it’s inexcusable and it’s wrong. The New Hampshire Democratic Party wholly condemns this criminal action and hopes the perpetrator is held accountable. There is no place for that in our politics,” Buckley said.

New Hampshire Republican State Headquarters. (Photo credit: Google)

Concord Police say they are actively investigating the incident.

Staffers at the the headquarters worked to scrub off the graffiti.

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  1. Tommy Beard says:

    Wow, everybody in this comment section is quick to jump to conclusion. Last month in Connecticut a Trump supporter (Steven Marks) was arrested for writing anti-Trump graffiti on an elementary school. “He said the reason he did do it was to show support towards Trump by having the other side bash him, to show how the other side is basically crazy enough to go and write stuff on a school playground.”

    This could EASILY be someone on the opposite side trying to fan fires.

  2. MH Thomas says:

    When you have no argument for you position, call your opponent a nazi/racist. It works every time thanks to the total Cowardice of Republicans… and as long as that is true, it will NEVER STOP.

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