By Dr. Mallika Marshall

BOSTON (CBS) – Even a little less sleep a night can put your child’s future health at risk.

Researchers in the United Kingdom collected data on more than 4,000 9 to 10-year olds and looked at their sleep duration and various markers in the blood. They found that just one hour of less sleep a night can increase a child’s future risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.

Studies have shown that inadequate sleep in kids is associated with more body fat in kids but this study goes further.

Since many of our kids, especially during the summer, have irregular bedtimes and probably aren’t getting enough sleep let this be a good reminder that kids need to get back on their regular bedtime routines now before school starts.

It’s generally recommended that school-age kids get between 9 and 12 hours of sleep a night.


People who feel like they have a “purpose in life” may age better than those who do not.

A new Harvard study finds that seniors who report a sense of meaning and have goals were less likely to have weak grip strength and slow walking speeds. These are two indicators of physical decline and future disability.

It’s unclear why a sense of meaning is beneficial for aging, but people with a higher life purpose may take better care of their health, may be more physically active, may have better impulse control.


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