Sushi has gone from a food trend to a must-have meal. From entertaining to authentic, these are the 8 Greatest spots Phantom has found for sushi.

Multiple locations

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At Fuji in Quincy, Cambridge, Boston and Assembly Row in Somerville, the chefs slice, sculpt and serve pristine pieces of fresh edible art. The raw creations here include Ming’s Mango roll, filled with fresh fruit and asparagus with spicy tuna on top; or the decadent Queen’s roll made with opulent ingredients like tuna, Kobe beef and caviar. It’s all made by master sushi chefs using the best ingredients they can find.


Empire in Boston’s Seaport district is a massive space with high ceilings, huge tables, and eye-catching architecture. The menu has a huge range including fried appetizers, soups, salads, steaks and most importantly, sushi like the doubly delicious Surf and Turf. They take Wagyu Beef, lightly toast it and wrap it around the rice, served alongside a more traditional style sockeye salmon, flown in from Washington state.

Yama Zakura

Yama Zakura in Northboroh is a festive Asian eatery featuring a line of sushi chefs making artful maki rolls to order, like the Lobster Bomb. This explosive roll is layered with big chunks of luxurious lobster, soaking in a sweet lemon mayo that’s then torched, so the whole thing turns into a twist on a warm decadent lobster roll.

Quan’s Kitchen
Multiple locations

With full service restaurants in Hanover, North Attleboro and Mansfield, Quan’s Kitchen serves Pan Asian food you’re going to love, like boneless spare ribs and paradise shrimp with candied walnuts. The sushi is always fresh and creative, like the Lobster Tempura Maki filled with fresh lobster, avocado and cucumber, over a spicy mayo drizzle; or the Red Sox Maki filled with spicy mayo, avocado and tempura crumbs topped with fresh yellowtail.

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Sousaku in Malden is a modern Asian restaurant that takes its cocktails, and its sushi to a new level. There’s the Spicy Crab Meat Crunchy Maki topped with tobiko, and Torched Wagyu Maki stuffed with shrimp tempura. If you’re feeling adventurous, you need to feast on the Sushi Pizza, two great foods that surprisingly taste even better together. This crust of this creation is rice pressed between thin slices of seaweed, then fried. Top that with tomato paste, onions, and chopped seafood mixed in spicy mayo.


Opus in Salem, Massachusetts sets a new standard for food with a little bit of funk. Here they have a little bit of everything, from steaks and burgers, to tacos and sushi. They have a mouthwatering Surf and Turf roll featuring lobster, lemon aioli and beef Carpaccio.


Takusan in Brookline serves all-you-can-eat sushi that’s made to order, so you know it’s always fresh and delicious. There are multiple rolls to choose from along with cherrystones, oysters and sashimi. This extraordinary deal goes way beyond sushi with tasty options like chowder, roast beef, crab, and salads as well. If you’re not into the all-you-can-eat thing, there are plenty of dishes to order a la carte, like chicken and beef yakitori and some gorgeous gyoza.


Rounding out the Great 8 is Wasabi in the Natick Mall. This futuristic eatery has busy shoppers feasting with their eyes before their bellies. With tables lined around a snaking conveyor belt, fresh-made sushi weaves through an open dining room, surrounded by stores and shops. When you see something you like, you just reach out, grab it, and then you pay by the plate.

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