BOSTON (CBS) – Brandon Navom had been looking forward to speaking at the Boston Free Speech Rally this weekend, but not anymore.

Navom now thinks the event should be canceled.

“The environment has just become so hostile and so toxic that I am completely concerned for the city of Boston,” Navom said.

Brandon Navom (WBZ-TV)

He says this because he and other scheduled speakers have been receiving death threats and called “neo-Nazis” in the wake of the tragic events in Charlottesville, Virginia.

“There have been terrible and horrible things that have been said about me online,” Navom said.

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Brandon says it’s totally a case of guilty by association. He told us his group has different organizers, different speakers and everyone was welcome to participate.

Brandon himself was going to endorse an Indian-American for a U.S. Senate seat so he finds it ironic that strangers are calling him a “white supremacist.”

Poster for the August 19, “Free Speech Rally.” (Photo credit: WBZ-TV)

“The greatest act of free speech right now that we could possibly see would be to cancel this event and listen to those who have been hurt by the terrible tragedy in Charlottesville,” Navom said.

Navom says he’s been trying to get in touch with Governor Charlie Baker to turn this weekend’s scheduled event into a Unity Rally instead of a Free Speech Rally so people won’t associate it with anything negative.

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  1. Allen Blaine says:

    This is the result of the tolerant left. What they don’t realize is that George Soros and his banker cronies are behind all of this turmoil. The Russians don’t like the Nazi’s either so the connection being made by the left is really convoluted. They accuse Trump of collusion with Russia and then use the term Nazi’s in the same sentence. That is an oxymoron. The goal of these international banksters is to bring this country down and the left has fallen into the trap and is being used by these idiots. I hope the left can figure it out before it is too late. Please take a moment and go to youtube and look up “George soros and antifa”, and George soros and BLM. Maybe, just maybe you will be enlightened as to the take over of this country.