WEST BROOKFIELD (CBS) — Police are investigating two similar incidents of goats being killed in two neighboring towns.

In the first, a West Brookfield family’s two baby goats were killed and left in front of their home over the weekend.

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Sgt. Letendre of the West Brookfield Police said the two baby Nigerian Dwarf goats had their necks snapped, and that the killings were definitely intentional.

He said a woman who lived in the home called police to say she had found the goats at 6 a.m. Monday morning.

These two baby goats were killed and left outside a family’s home.
(Courtesy photo)

They were left in a place where they would be seen by the family as they left their basement door.

The woman said she covered them with a sheet because she didn’t want her children to see them.

There are no cameras in the area, and neighbors told police they didn’t see anything suspicious.

Police said the family’s dog was home, but they said it didn’t alert the family to anyone’s presence.

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They also said the goats had only been on the property–a regular residence, and not a farm–for about four weeks, and that nobody outside the family knew about them.

(Courtesy photo)


In a second incident, North Brookfield Police said a man’s baby Nigerian Dwarf goat was killed in a fenced-in area on School Street Monday.

He told police the goat was seen around 2 p.m. Sunday and appeared to be uninjured.

The man believed the goat also suffered from a broken neck, and wasn’t able to figure out how the injury occurred.

He disposed of the goat, but called police when he heard about the other incident in West Brookfield.

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Police are asking anyone with information about either incident to contact them.