DANVERS (CBS) – Two teenage juveniles are facing serious charges after video posted on social media allegedly shows them placing a baby in a refrigerator and closing the door.

The identities of the females have not been released because they are juveniles. But the mother of the eight month old baby girl tells WBZ-TV one of the teens, a 15-year-old, is her niece.

She says she was showering and left the baby with her and a 14-year-old friend for about a half hour. She says she had no idea of the incident until she was shown the video, that was posted on Snapchat, by police.

“I didn’t understand why they would do that. I didn’t know and they didn’t tell me. I was very angry,” the baby’s mother said.

She says the girls told a “believable” story about what happened, that they were reaching into the refrigerator to grab a bottle to stop the baby from crying. The teens have now been charged with child endangerment and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

“I was just traumatized by it,” the mother said. “My eyes were bulging out of my face.”

They were arraigned Tuesday in Salem juvenile court and released to their parents.

The baby’s mother says the girls thought it was a joke and she doesn’t believe they would harm the baby in any way.

“It was their stupidity. I feel like they learned a lesson and would never do it again. My niece is a goodhearted girl who wouldn’t hurt a fly,” she said.

She says the baby is fine, but she’ll be hesitant about leaving her with anyone again.

The incident is being investigated by the Department of Children and Families, Danvers Police and the Essex County District Attorney’s Office.

Beth Germano

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  1. El Howard says:

    How ignorant do you have to be to not realize there is no air circulation in refrigerators, meaning kids suffocate in them? Sure, it would probably take a couple hours to use up all the oxygen, but still a really bad idea.

  2. Oh brother, did they LEAVE the baby, or just put him/her in there close the door and then open it again to see if they could still hear them crying and took a short video? It sure sounds like mom didn’t FIND the baby in the fridge!

    The mother was HOME, I doubt they were planning to LEAVE the kid in there.. so stupid.

  3. want to scary of 2 girls by that way…how they can sleep and look at the mirror..their own