Police: Speeding Driver Hits Several Cars, Flips In East Bridgewater

EAST BRIDGEWATER (CBS) – A driver hit several cars, flipped and landed in the front yard of a home in East Bridgewater Monday morning.

“We come running out here and literally, the dust cloud was still huge,” said Sean Doran.

Sean Doran and his niece opened their door to the smashed vehicle that landed on their neighbor’s front yard in East Bridgewater on Route 18. The vehicle damaged two properties, tearing down two trees and a mailbox after pummeling through a cement barrier.

A driver was arrested after crashing into an East Bridgewater yard (WBZ-TV)

Doran tried to help the driver. “The guy was acting very, very strange,” Doran said. “He was definitely under the influence of some substance there was no alcohol.”

“It looked like he got this cut on the side of his neck because he was dripping in blood,” said Hailey Greenaway.

“I was this close to him, covered in blood, no clothes on except for his white underwear,” Doran said.

Police identified the driver as 29-year-old Richard Charmesino. They say he was speeding, surpassing 100 miles per hour.

A driver was arrested after crashing into an East Bridgewater yard (WBZ-TV)

“It’s not something you see every day,” said East Bridgewater Fire Lt. Jeffrey Kelly. “I couldn’t believe it was worse to be honest with you.”

Lieutenant Kelly was the first firefighter on scene. He says the driver caused a 10th of mile worth of damage striking four cars along the way.

“I believe it was a mother and daughter in the first vehicle, the minivan that was struck, minor injuries,” Kelly said. “And then there was a smaller SUV had another female in it, again she refused treatment at the scene.”

The driver was taken to South Shore Hospital to be evaluated.

“They just kept on trying to calm him down and eventually he did, but they did get him in the ambulance,” Hailey said.

The driver remains at South Shore Hospital. Police will subpoena his bloodwork test to see if there were any drugs or alcohol in his system.

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