BOSTON (CBS) — Five dogs from the French Bulldog Rescue Network were featured on the Pet Parade Sunday.

“We re-home and rehabilitate Frenchies all across the United States and Canada,” said Mike from French Bulldog Rescue Network. “We average about 200 dogs a year.”

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Otis. (WBZ-TV)

Otis, 9, came all the way out from Texas. He’s kind of the grandfather of the group.

Bogie. (WBZ-TV)

Bogie, 2, is the group’s most recent adoptee–he came to a foster home and ended up staying there because it was the best match for him.

Chloe is a foster sister who Mike calls the “Zen master”–he helps rehabilitate dogs and get them on their way.

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Chloe and Nino. (WBZ-TV)

Mike said he and his Frenchie, Nino, go on home visits to interview prospective families who want to adopt.

“Nino comes around and gives you his paw stamp of approval, and you’re good to go!” he said.

Mike said some Frenchies are very athletic, and others are more mellow and laid-back–like Murph, who he described as a “chicken nugget.”

Murph. (WBZ-TV)

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