By Breana Pitts, WBZ-TV Traffic ReporterBy Breana Pitts

DUXBURY (CBS) – They fill our news feeds and our hearts.

“I think goats are trendy now,” says Chad Frost, Owner of The Goastscaping Company.

From soaps and sweaters to milk and cheese, goats are yogis and, as Frost knows, natural landscapers.

“We offer a green alternative for land management. They’ll go in and eat evasive plants, broad-leaf weeds, mainly poison ivy, pretty much anything,” Frost said.

goats11 Pitts Stop: Goats Serve As Landscapers For South Shore Company

A Goatscaping Company “employee” hard at work. (WBZ-TV)

Frost has been running the company for about two years. During that time his Nubian Goats have grazed on cemeteries, museums, golf courses and neighborhoods.

“Developers are even using us in critical waterfront areas where you’re not allowed to use herbicides or machinery to clear stuff out,” he explained.

goats3 Pitts Stop: Goats Serve As Landscapers For South Shore Company

The Goatscaping Company clears out unwanted weeds and plants using goats. (WBZ-TV)

Looking to manage an acre of evasive poison ivy and overgrown brush by his home in Duxbury, Kurt Holloway and his neighbors decided to take action. Instead of paying landscapers with equipment, they hired goats with an appetite.

“I was a complete skeptic. I had cleared it before and I had ended up with a bunch of poison ivy and I was getting really nervous about this neighborhood for the kids,” Holloway said. “It was an amazing transformation in a short period of time. I had never been around goats so I had no expectations of what they were like and I was completely surprised and blown away by how they engage with the kids.”

goat2 Pitts Stop: Goats Serve As Landscapers For South Shore Company

A local company uses goats for landscaping. (WBZ-TV)

It typically takes four goats to clear a quarter of an acre of land in a week. Frost says his Nubians spend anywhere from seven days to four weeks munching away on properties.

The best part, Frost says, is most days this line of work — doesn’t feel like work at all.

“If I’m having a bad day landscaping I can always come to the farm. It’s a lot of fun and the goats are so sweet you just wanna be around them. It’s a good vibe business and that’s cool,” he said.

The Goatscaping Company also hosts goat yoga classes in Duxbury. The money goes to charity.

For more information visit the Goatscaping Company website.


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