STURBRIGDE (CBS) — A letter from Neil Goldberg, a 3 time cancer survivor and 19-year PMC rider.

We know the magic of PMC weekend. The kindness and spirit that move us to be the best versions of ourselves. We pull a fellow rider up a tough hill. We look after our Pedal Partners. We hug to a rider or volunteer when the power of PMC weekend or the cancer experience can overwhelm.

But lately I’ve been wondering can we build upon this great display of humanity? Can we carry the magic of PMC weekend beyond the weekend?

Now let’s be clear: We are out to cure cancer. And we will never stop until we win that fight.

But beyond this great battle, I believe we can bring the energy & love that we experience during the PMC into our daily lives. There are PMC’ers doing it already:

Sean Kavanaugh, helping a family of Syrian refugees, not just with a donation, but by bringing the entire family to live in his home.

Dave and Peter Christmas, the guys from Team Lick, who serve food to women at Rosie’s Place.

Patti Quigley, who co-founded and is now Exec Director of Razia’s Ray of Hope, where girls in Afghanistan can get an education.

Of course, many people outside the PMC give of themselves and generously. But 19 years of riding & fundraising & laughing & crying with you has taught me that this community is always looking to raise its game.

We know what we can do when we focus our efforts. We raise millions of dollars so that people with cancer can live longer, better lives.

So, can we raise our game even more, to make the PMC an even greater force for good? If so, then for all its power, for all it has done to help rid the world of cancer, the PMC will have become something even greater: a guide for us to live our best & truest selves, throughout the year.


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