CANTON (CBS) — A Dunkin’ without Donuts?

The Canton-based coffee shop plans to go by just “Dunkin’” at some stores, starting in California.

Nation’s Restaurant News reports that the chain is trying to get the point across that it serves more than just donuts.

(Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images)

“We have been referring to ourselves simply as Dunkin’ in our advertising for more than a decade, ever since we introduced our ‘America Runs on Dunkin’ campaign,” a spokesperson told the publication.

A new store in Pasadena will be the first to adopt the new name. Other locations in California will switch over later this year.

This change comes as Dunkin’ tests out a smaller menu at about 1,000 locations. All “PM sandwiches” as well as some varieties of bagels and muffins are being cut as part of the experiment.

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  1. Stan Bowers says:

    I wish they had locations here that served nothing but regular coffee and donuts & muffins. No foo-foo coffee or cooked stuff. So it wouldn’t take 20 minutes for them to make “coffee” that is basically a milkshake for the people in front of you.