BOSTON (CBS) — I went to the Red Sox game last night, and I figured you’d want a full report, so here it is:

It was a beautiful night at the old park, and the crowd seemed happy to be there, despite the various family heirlooms that were sold and second mortgages taken out in order to afford it. And from the looks of things, the obscene prices for food and drink were no deterrent.

Let’s face it, living here in paradise is not cheap.

For most of the game, the Sox were unimpressive.

Our ace Chris Sale didn’t have his usual control, and the Indians jumped all over him. The Sox rallied to erase an early five-run deficit, but despite that they looked dead at the plate, lunging at fastballs, waving at curveballs, and generally displaying dispirited body language.

I’m sure I’m not the only Sox fan wondering: what on earth has happened to Xander Bogaerts?

It looks to me like this year’s team has major lapses of concentration, running into foolish outs on the base paths and coughing up homers in bad situations.

What else are they out there thinking about, the stock market?

Anyway, despite the spotty baseball, it was a pleasant night at the park with happy endings all around.

The Yankees lost, and amazingly, the Red Sox rallied to win it in the bottom of the ninth after appearing to blow it in the top of the inning.

And that miracle rally reminded me of an important lesson–don’t ever leave a game early in disgust.

You pay for your thrills alright, and you also learn something new every day.

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