By Louisa Moller

BOSTON (CBS) – The flood of rush hour traffic was made worse by a literal flood in parts of Boston Wednesday evening.
Cars drove through the pools of water while stunned neighbors documented the deluge with their cell phones.

An MBTA bus in Dorchester’s Fields Corner was a sitting duck. A passenger captured video showing the water that poured into the bus. At least one man was standing on his seat to escape.

flood Heavy Rain Floods Roads, Homes In Dorchester

MBTA bus stranded in flooded road in Dorchester (WBZ-TV)

Over by Gallivan Boulevard, there was a big mess in a few basements and backyards and neighbors were forced to use water pumps.

“We probably got about, right now six inches in the basement down from about eight or nine,” said resident Patrick Sullivan. “But she’s got about two and half, three feet in the basement over there,” Sullivan said pointing at his neighbor’s house.

A rowboat that once seemed out of place, was now in an unexpected lake.

bus Heavy Rain Floods Roads, Homes In Dorchester

Floodwater on MBTA bus in Fields Corner in Dorchester (Image credit Daniel Doe)

“You could row around the whole yard if you wanted to,” Sullivan said.

Crews were also concerned about electricity and downed wires in all the water.

“My neighbor over here in the back there had about six feet of water in the back there and it was causing issues with the electricity so they went in and turned the electric off,” said Richard Casey.

Residents in the Gallivan Blvd area say the last time they saw flooding like this was back in 2008.


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