BOSTON (CBS) — Anthony Scaramucci, we hardly knew ye!

Across the country, comedians cried themselves to sleep last night in the wake of the abrupt removal of the cartoonish Mooch from his ill-fitting role as White House communications director.

But in the broader, more serious scheme of things, the hiring of the Mooch in the first place was a terrible omen, for the Trump administration and for the country.

It reflected the president’s yearning for a return to the salad days of the campaign and his life as kingpin of a self-marketing empire, when he could and did surround himself with sometimes-clownish cronies and wise guys, folks willing to lavish him with the unadulterated worship he seems to crave.

Former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci on July 26, 2017 (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

And it suggested that Mr. Trump sees his rocky start as a function of incompetent advisors who’ve bungled his image-making and let a hostile media run roughshod over him, instead of bringing them to heel.

Luckily for the president, he has brought in a new chief of staff who clearly sees through that nonsense, and understands that the administration’s problems are self-inflicted and exacerbated by the amateurishness of the inner circle.

So the big questions going forward are – will Gen. Kelly be allowed to silence the credibility-free sycophants too often seen speaking for the White House in public, and replace them with professionals?

And most importantly, will the president himself let Kelly take away his IPad, micro-manage his Twitter feed, and force him to stop ad-libbing foolish remarks to Boy Scouts and cops?

If he does, Mr. Trump has a chance to stop the bleeding.

If he doesn’t, look out below.

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  1. Ok, David, you hate Trump.

    Do you have anything substantive to say or are you just going to continue to rant like a two-year old who has been told that he can’t have any cookies?

    1. Peter Owen says:

      ranting like a two year old…like our pre-school POTUS?

      1. Bob Babineau says:

        Just like a pre-school liberal.