By Brent Schwartz, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) — Tom Brady continued to fight off Father Time last season, having arguably the best season of his career at age 39. And in a new SI story posted on Monday, Brady was painted as a groundbreaking new leader for athletes over the age of 40.

Brady’s diet and sleep routines have been highlighted as factors in his exceptional performance and durability in recent years, as he barrels toward hitting age 40 on August 3 coming off his fifth Super Bowl championship. The beginning of the story mentions some of Brady’s specific supplements and foods that he mixes in, ranging from simple electrolytes to the occasional macaroon.

The article then mentions Alex Guerrero, Brady’s personal trainer of 13 years and business partner. Guerrero couldn’t help but compare Brady to Peyton Manning and the former Broncos quarterback’s final seasons.

“We always talk about the difference between just playing and performing,” Guerrero says. “I mean, look at Peyton Manning. He won a Super Bowl at age 39. But that wasn’t sustaining peak performance.”

The story also spotlighted 40-year-old Bruins captain Zdeno Chara and a meeting between him and Brady. The QB signed a jersey and gave it to Chara, who then framed it and placed it in his children’s play room. Chara mentions Brady and also 45-year-old future Hall of Famer Jaromir Jagr as athletes that motivate him to play longer.

“I watch Jagr, and I watch Brady, and I could see myself playing at 46,” Chara says. “I really want to.”

Chara is coming off something of a bounce-back season and wants a contract extension that would allow him to play for the Bruins well into his 40s.

The piece also cites several older athletes and their success at an older age, such as UFC’s Daniel Cormier (age 38) and Carlos Beltran (age 40).

Brady has continued to reiterate the fact that he’d like to play until age 45 or beyond. If he succeeds in that, he could become the ultimate ambassador for a new era of successful veteran athletes.

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