BOSTON (CBS) – For an outsider, winning acceptance here in Boston can be a tough road. One sure way to speed that process is to understand and respect our city’s traditions and past, which are close to the hearts of many natives.

That’s one reason why it was such a huge blunder for Red Sox pitcher David Price to harass Hall of Famer turned Red Sox broadcaster Dennis Eckersley during a recent team flight. Dan Shaughnessy of the Boston Globe reports that Price, apparently upset about routine on-air criticism of one of his teammates by Eckersley, verbally berated the former pitcher as he boarded the team plane, then twice used foul language while telling Eckersley to, paraphrasing here, get lost.

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This raises a number of questions, including – who does David Price think he is?

Dennis Eckersley and David Price. (Images credit: Getty Images)

No fellow professional should be addressed the way Price reportedly spoke to Eckersley. And the record shows that Price, while talented, hasn’t accomplished a fraction of what Eckersley did during his baseball career.

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This isn’t the way to win friends around here.

But as – or more – disturbing than Price’s poor judgment is the reported fact that some of his teammates applauded Price’s juvenile behavior.

And Eckersley has yet to receive an apology for this abusive nonsense from Price, any other player, or manager John Farrell.

They should all apologize to Dennis Eckersley immediately and publicly, and promise to make an effort to grow up. Otherwise, fans may start to wonder if the team’s too-often clueless play on the field isn’t just a comment on their talent, but also the content of their character.

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