MEDFORD (CBS) — Another child has fallen to the ground from an apartment building window.

This time it’s a four-year-old boy who fell from a third floor window of a 30 Brainard Avenue apartment building in Medford.

Emma Alexander is a neighbor and she says she was talking to some friends and heard a thump.

“I was like talking to my friends and I heard a thump. Then I saw the little boy on the floor,” Alexander said.

alexander Sixth Child Falls From Apartment Window, This Time Its In Medford

Emma Alexander, witness to the Medford boy falling from the window. (Photo credit: WBZ-TV)

When she heard the noise, she says she ran to help.

“Then I picked him up and I was holding him in my hands and then he started crying. And my friend, he started grabbing her face,” Alexander said. “We were like screaming for his mom or whoever was in the house.”

Alexander says a woman was at home.

“She was just like standing in the window and then somebody else came down, but she didn’t speak English,” Alexander also said.

Alexander also says she and her friends tried to tell the woman that she couldn’t take the boy upstairs, but had to wait until the police came.

“She was trying to bring him. She grabbed him from me, she was trying to take him back upstairs and we’re like no you can’t, you can’t,” Alexander said.

She also said that the little boy had blood all over his face. Police say the boy had a head injury and he was treated at the scene by paramedics. He was taken to Massachusetts General Hospital for further treatment and is expected to survive.

Neighbors Sumit Gupta says the windows don’t have guards, they just have screens.

apartment building Sixth Child Falls From Apartment Window, This Time Its In Medford

Gupta also says he wasn’t surprised by the accident.

“It’s scary sometimes when your kids are trying to do that. And they can fall down. I was not surprised by the accident,” Gupta said.

This the sixth case this summer and in early July a five-year-old girl in Brookline was killed when she fell from the fourth floor of an apartment building.


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