BOSTON (CBS) — Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Dirk Koetter said this offseason that he wants a “badass football team.”

According to several NFL writers, Koetter should be checking out Bill Belichick’s “Project Badass” in New England. Because nothing is more badass than winning a lot of football games.

Koetter’s comments prompted Greg Auman of the Tampa Bay Times to poll 43 NFL writers as to who was the most “badass” in the league. Not only are the Patriots the defending Super Bowl champs, but they’re also the NFL’s most badass team with 29 total votes, beating out the Seahawks (27), Steelers (18), Raiders (9) and Ravens (8).

“They keep winning in a league designed to discourage dynasties,” wrote Terez A. Paylor of the Kansas City Star.

“For a decade they’ve been toying with and laughing at the rest of the league. The biggest bullies on the block,” added Ralph Vacchiano of SNY.

In terms of individual players, both Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski cracked the Top 10:

1. James Harrison, Steelers LB (14 votes)
2t. Marshawn Lynch, Raiders RB (10)
2t. J.J. Watt, Texans DE (10)
4t. Kam Chancellor, Seahawks S (8)
4t. Ndamukong Suh, Dolphins DT (8)
6. Tom Brady, Patriots QB (7)
7. Von Miller, Broncos LB (6)
8t. Rob Gronkowski, Patriots TE (5)
8t. Khalil Mack, Raiders LB (5)
10. Aaron Donald, Rams DT (4)

New England receiver Julian Edelman also received a vote, because he’s pretty darn badass for a 5-foot-10 receiver.

The six-hole may seem a little too low for Brady, given he’s the king of trash talk on the NFL’s most badass team. But offseason trips down a water slide, some questionable dance moves down in Brazil and his anger over the color of his pool cover likely cost him some style points in the voting.


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