MATINICUS, Maine (CBS) — Compassionate and quick-thinking lobstermen saved a baby seal on Monday.

Jeremy Willey and Jeffrey Door were lobster fishing off the coast of Maine when they spotted the seal pup floating in the water, trapped in fishing gear.

jeff jeremy lobstermen Lobstermen Free Seal Trapped In Net Off Maine Coast

Jeffrey Door and Jeremy Willey (WBZ)

“This little guy is like gasping for air. . . a long ways from home,” Willey recalled.

Willey put the possibility of the seal biting him out of his mind and focused more on not cutting the pup as he worked tirelessly to get it free.

seal rescue Lobstermen Free Seal Trapped In Net Off Maine Coast

Cutting the seal free (Image credit: Krystal Gamage)

“I think he knows you’re helping him,” Door can be heard saying in video of the incident.

After cutting the last rope, Willey picked the seal up to make sure it wasn’t hurt. They gave him some words of encouragement before putting him back in the water.

free seal Lobstermen Free Seal Trapped In Net Off Maine Coast

Putting the freed seal back in the water. (Image credit: Krystal Gamage)

“We threw a couple fish in the water and said well it’s a snack for the swim back,” Willey said.

Willey’s girlfriend Krystal Gamage put video of the rescue on Facebook, where it’s been viewed more than 2.5 million times so far.

The guys are in disbelief at how many people have seen their act of kindness but say anyone else would’ve done the same thing.

“It seems surreal, honestly,” Willey said.

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