BOSTON (CBS) – Wondering why you haven’t met any young Homers or Blanches lately?

A new list says they are among this year’s “Endangered Baby Names.” Parenting website has released once popular names that are now “on the brink of extinction” because none of their members have chosen that name for a newborn in 2017.

For girls, the names are Bette/Bettie, Blanche, Erma/Irma, Krista, Myrtle, Olga and Rhonda.

The boys names in danger of disappearing are Carroll, Dick, Homer, Lowell, Roosevelt, Rudolph and Willard.

(Photo credit WALTRAUD GRUBITZSCH/AFP/Getty Images)

BabyCenter also identified names that are “threatened” because they have dropped drastically in popularity. Those include Gwen, Peyton, Kate, Bradley and Elsa.


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