BOSTON (CBS) — A flight from Mexico City to Boston finally landed at Logan early Monday morning after a blown tire during takeoff forced a two-hour delay.

The plane was headed down the runway at about 160 miles an hour when some of the passengers heard a loud “pop” and then saw some smoke.

“All of a sudden we hear this loud bang and it was, like, pretty frightening,” one of the 146 passengers said.

Aeromexico passenger who says she heard the pop when the plane’s tire blew. (Photo credit: WBZ-TV)

She said everyone was alarmed and wanted to know what had happened.

“We were wondering what was going on and they told us they thought that maybe there had been a flat tire,” the passenger said.

It turned out to be exactly that. One of the tires on a landing gear popped. The pilot hit the breaks and that was when the passengers said they saw the smoke.

There was smoke, but the airline says there was no fire. The plane came to an emergency stop and the passengers were evacuated.

After a two-hour delay, the plane took off from Mexico City’s airport and arrived at Logan at about 1:00 a.m. Monday morning.

The flight landed safely and there were no serious injuries, although one passenger says a woman may have sprained her ankle during the evacuation.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Carl Stevens reports


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