BOSTON (CBS) — There is no shortage of people talking about Donald Trump supporters–what they think, how they’re reacting to events as they unfold.

But political researcher Diane Hessan has made it her business to talk with these supporters, rather than just about them. She sat down with WBZ political analyst Jon Keller this week to talk about her findings.

“A lot of them say ‘I love this president, because he is doing everything he said he was going to do’,” Hessan said. “‘And if people would just leave him alone as opposed to hitting him with so many issues that it’s like him playing whack-a-mole all the time, he could be a really great president.’ This is how people feel.”

Political researcher Diane Hessan. (WBZ-TV)

For months, Hessan, an entrepreneur and author in the Boston area, has been in contact with 200 Trump and 200 Clinton voters.

“Of course, if they ever agree on anything, that’s news,” she said.

But Hessan said many Trump voters have grown unhappy with the president.

“People don’t like the sloppiness and the lack of discipline with which they believe he is running things,” she said. “The tweeting is part of it, the legislation that seems kind of cobbled together with no real strategy is part of it. The, I don’t know who’s doing what to whom within the Oval Offive, within the White House staff is part of it. And I think even people who are climate deniers will say things like, ‘Why would he pull out of the Paris Accords and be such a lousy global citizen?'”

But only 2 of Hessan’s 200 Trump voters said they would change their vote if they could go back to Election Day.

The two also discussed what could come next for those becoming unhappy with Trump.

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