BOSTON (CBS) — State Police say criminal charges will be sought against the taxi driver who crashed his cab into a cab driver’s lunch area Monday.

Police say Lutent Clenord, 56 of Cambridge, will be charged with “operating to endanger” and say their investigation found that operator error was the reason for the crash.

Clenard’s cab being hauled away on a tow truck. (Photo credit: WBZ-TV)

But at the Logan taxi pool, there’s disagreement over what should happen to their fellow driver.

“It was an accident,” one driver said.

Another said, “It was operator error.”

Driver Dmitriy Kondkhorov witnessed the incident.

“He was screaming I can’t stop the car I can’t stop the car. Why a criminal charge?” Kondkhorov asked.

Cab driver Rachid Kerany. (Photo credit: WBZ-TV)

Ten people were injured in the incident and Rachid Kerany is friends with many of them.

“Two are still in the hospital in critical condition,” he said.

The driver indicated that there was a mechanical issue. He told police he accidentally hit the gas instead of the brake.

“I know the driver. He was a safe driver. I don’t know what happened,” Kerany said.

Clenord had a clean driving record for two decades, but police have asked the state to revoke his license. They’ve already revoked his “Hackney” license indefinitely.

“He should not be driving because he hurt a lot of people,” one driver said.

Another said, “Do you think he should be driving? Absolutely, he’s been driving a long time.

Other drivers are worried about how the 56-year-old driver who lives in Cambridge will support his family.

“I feel so bad for his family. He will have to find another job,” Kerany said.

“This is for every driver. Guys take care and take is easy,” Mohamed Bahag said.

The crash on Monday stoked fears of terrorism, and authorities at the time said the incident was a “tragic accident.”

A court hearing for the driver will be set in East Boston District Court.

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  1. What the WHAT you operate a vehicle for a living, say 8-16 hours a day and you don’t know the difference between and a break or the gas, Yikes. Who gave him a US driving permit,,,,, It is CRAZINESS

  2. This is sad…accidents happen every day of the week. The state has statistics on what intersections are the worst in the state and where the most injuries take place but THEY are not held criminally for not fixing dangerous intersections. Old people drive thru store windows making the same mistake and are not criminally charged.

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