BOSTON (CBS) — Big Jim Murray invites any and all Patriots fans upset at the double standard with regard to “cheating” in the NFL to swiftly GET OVER IT.

This invitation came late in Wednesday’s show, as the Felger & Massarotti program was back together in full for the first time in a week-and-a-half. A caller — Bob from Easton — pointed out the hypocrisy of the show in not addressing the story of the Colts using “hearing aids” to help drown out crowd noise and amplify quarterback Peyton Manning’s voice back in 1998.

The mere mention of this story caused Murray to set off some emotional fireworks.

“Bob, here’s the bottom line, whiny: It’s not illegal. Not illegal, Bob. Bob. Not illegal. Bob, not illegal,” Murray insisted. “IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT THEY’RE STICKING IN THEIR EAR, STUPID! IT’S NOT ILLEGAL! IT’S NOT. ILLEGAL. GO LOOK IT UP IN THE NFL RULEBOOK. This is the other thing that went right up my keister this weekend — the whiney Pats fans. ‘How come there’s a double standard for the Colts?’ GET OVER IT, BOB! GET OVER IT, BOB! It’s not cheating.”

Michael Felger, amused by the whole situation despite banging the DeflateGate drum louder and longer than anyone, said that he didn’t even care enough to read the story itself.

“I didn’t even read the story, because it invites the whiny Patriots fan, and I just find that ponderous,” Felger said, before breaking out his crying voice. “‘You punished us but not them!’ Oh, like, I can’t.”

Tony Massarotti agreed with the sentiment.

“Oh, they’re such babies, they really are. They’re such children,” Mazz said of the ‘whiny’ Patriots fans. “Even the winning’s not enough. It’s unbelievable. It’s never enough. Never, ever, ever enough with these people.”

Yet, Felger admitted: “[Bob is] right. If the Patriots had done it, we’d be all over them. You’re right. No question. Five days. A month. A year. Whatever it takes. Yes.”

But of course, Felger added: “I’ll tell you why we would do it with the Patriots: Because the Patriots cheat.”

Murray remained quite upset throughout the conversation.

“That’s another one,” Murray said, “as soon as I saw this one, and [Michael] Hurley immediately writing a story about it, I’m like, ‘Oh, F you. With this. Again.’ … They keep winning titles! Winning’s the best revenge! Get the F over it!”

So, the Felger & Massarotti program has spoken. Add it to the list of commandments: Thou shall not complain about other teams not drawing attention for engaging in what could be considered cheating.

A Brief Hurley Rebuttal, Because Hey, Who’s Putting This Post On The Internet?
My fellows downstairs clearly don’t get it. Is it stupid to overreact to a completely insignificant act that has nothing to do with winning and losing football games? Yes. Of course! That is the point. When such silliness ends up being leading the national newscasts from Scott Pelley, David Muir and Brian Williams (LOL!) as if it’s a grave matter of national security, it merely serves as proof that people lost their minds and went overboard in reaction to an accusation against the Patriots.

It doesn’t matter that the Colts used hearing aids just like a fraction of a PSI doesn’t matter just like heating balls on the sideline doesn’t matter.

That’s all, people. No need to make it more than it is.

Murray, let me know if you need a hug. I’m here. On the internet.

A nice warm hug. (Photo by Andrew Redington/Getty Images)

Michael “Whiny” Hurley

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  1. Daniel Cowen says:

    Dear Jim Murray, envy and jealousy are incurable diseases. Nobody is whining but you, heck you even went on air to do it. Grow up. Go Patriots! Blitz for 6!

  2. Jo Yan says:

    That those 3 can make a living talking poorly about topics they know very little about is truly amazing. Sophistry flourishes in the modern age.

  3. Hey Murray all I hope for is that the Pats go 18 and 0, then play the Giants in the Super Bowl so we can all watch meltdown to an 8 year girl crying in the corner

  4. Anyone who does not understand that deflategate has been debunked is either not paying attention, is an idiot, or so wants the Patriots to be guilty they will hear nothing else.
    There was no tampering with the footballs. That’s the point. It is not a matter of applying inconsistent punishments its about a railroad job when there was no infraction vs nothing when there is.
    Just so you understand, I have over 30 years experience working in aerospace engineering.

    Deflategate has been thoroughly and completely debunked beyond any shadow of a doubt whatsoever.

    Just to summarize what has occurred in the science world since the start of deflategate… When any scientific paper is published, the results are not accepted in the science community until there has been a peer review where other scientists review and verify results. This is the standard way that science moves forward and ensures that only sound proven science is accepted. This review can take years to accomplish. Not to confuse the Wells report with a scientific paper but the science community did perform such a review of the Wells report and the result is the complete refutal of the science in the Wells report – complete refutal.

    Numerous scientists from around the country (and some in Europe) have analyzed the numbers in the Wells report and stated explicitly and unanimously (as in every single one of them) that there is no evidence of tampering and that weather accounts for all PSI measurements. Also,
    a number of others have written critiques of the Wells report that rip it to shreds identifying an appalling amount of deceit and fraud in the report that had to be known by the authors. Wells had to make numerous very sketchy and some flat out wrong (according to their own report) assumptions to claim even a minuscule amount of pressure unaccounted for which is exactly why Wells never stated that pressure amount in the whole report. Not only have all the scientific conclusions in the report been refuted but the motives of the authors have also been brought into question. The Wells report is indefensible. Unfortunately most of this is apparently over the heads of many people.

    One such instance of a false assumption is that Exponent assumed that Jastremski set the pressure of the footballs before “gloving” them. Exponent confirmed this assumption when questioned in the Brady appeal. The Wells report itself describes Jastremski’s process and states unambiguously that Jastremski set the pressure right after “gloving” the footballs. This means that there is 0.7 psi (according to Exponent’s own analysis) in the Patriots favor that Exponent did not account for which turns out to be about twice as much as Wells could claim was missing from the footballs (if you accepted all their sketchy or flat out wrong assumptions). So this one blatantly and undeniably wrong assumption completely exonerates Brady and
    the Patriots. There are numerous others in the report. Again, the Wells report is indefensible.

    The only people who still believe that Brady and the Pats are guilty of anything are those that are unwilling or incapable of reading and understanding the Wells report and the numerous critiques of the report.

    The first time ever that the nfl measured football pressures during a game, they were completely unprepared to understand the data they saw. Their expectation was that if a football measured 12.5 psi in the warm locker room it should measure the same on the cold field. By now even the semi-literate should understand that is not true. With no prior experience measuring football pressures during a game, the very first moment the nfl saw a football measure below 12.5 on the field they made an assumption of guilt which, they did not know at the time, was not consistent with science. The story of deflategate is the story of the NFL’s dishonest behavior from start to finish.

    The NFL now understands this. That is why they are hiding the football pressure data they took during last couple of seasons and why they quietly swept deflategate II under the rug when the Giants reported that 2 Steelers footballs measured 11.4 and 11.8 PSI during their game this past December 3rd. Note that 8 of the 11 Patriots footballs were just about at or above the Steelers 11.4 football measurement by the gauge that Walt Anderson said he used. Statistically speaking, the chances that the lowest measuring Steelers football was picked with a sample size of 2 (out of 12) is less than 4 percent meaning statistically speaking it is far more likely that there were other Steeler footballs that were even lower.

    By sweeping deflategate II under the rug the NFL is admitting that they now understand the link between temperature and pressure that they did not understand with deflategate. Goodell and the nfl owe the Patriots an apology, money, and draft picks.

    The people in this article that accuse Brady and the Patriots of cheating should understand that to those who understand the science, they are the ones who look like whiney little Patriot haters who speak out of lack of knowledge.

  5. “Bob, here’s the bottom line, whiny: It’s not illegal. Not illegal, Bob. Bob. Not illegal. Bob, not illegal,” Murray insisted. “IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT THEY’RE STICKING IN THEIR EAR, STUPID! IT’S NOT ILLEGAL! IT’S NOT. ILLEGAL. GO LOOK IT UP IN THE NFL RULEBOOK.

    – filming the sidelines is not illegal. It was not then and it is still not now. Look it up in the NFL rulebook. Apparently you have a bit if a double standard.

    – They were scouting tapes. High schools have those. Haters should stop looking for excuses.

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