BOSTON (CBS) — Nurses at Tufts Medical Center in Boston are planning a one-day strike to protest what they say are the hospital’s “safety issues.”

The Massachusetts Nurses’ Association, the union that represents the 1,200 nurses at the hospital, has notified the hospital that they are planning the one-day protest and picket for July 12.

The nurses union says the registered nurses, “will engage in a strike and picketing beginning at 7 a.m. on July 12, 2017 at and about the Medical Center. It is our intention to end the strike and picketing at 6:59 am on July 13th with the nurses returning to work at that time.”

Tufts Medical Center signs. (Photo credit: WBZ-TV)

The hospital says it will lock-out the nurses for four more days. The nurse’s union says they knew the hospital would likely take that step, so they’re prepared.

“If Tufts Medical Center locks out or otherwise prevents RNs from returning to work at that time, MNA will continue its strike and picketing until such time as the lockout or other refusal by the Medical Center to allow the nurses to return to work ceases,” the nurse’s union said.

They’re asking for more nurses, wage improvements, and pension protections.

Hospital President Dr. Michael Wagner says they’re disappointed that the nurse’s union is once again threatening a walk-out.

“It is extremely disappointing that the MNA has chosen to take this action, especially given that so many of our nurses have told us they do not want to strike,” Wagner said.

Wagner says the nurse’s union has done this before.

“Due to the MNA’s record of strike threats at numerous hospitals, Tufts Medical Center has been preparing for this scenario, and our physicians and patient care teams, alongside qualified registered nurses from across the country, are ready to provide top quality care throughout any work stoppage,” Wagner said. “We will let nothing stand in the way of outstanding care at Tufts Medical Center.”

It is expected that the federal mediator involved in negotiations will call another meeting before the anticipated July 12 strike.


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  1. Why Knot says:

    This strike is ridiculous and the striking “follow the moronic MNA rhetoric” nurses should be permanently locked out so Tufts can start with nurses who truly want to be there!! And following that, the greedy locked out nurses can go to the institutions that they feel are paying nurses more in Boston except that many of those institutions are also struggling financially and they are laying nurses off. Nice move morons!!

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