BOSTON (CBS) — Boston’s Mayor Marty Walsh hosted an “Immigrant Summit” Thursday.

The forum at the Kennedy Institute in Dorchester was organized to help cities know how to respond to the immigrants because the issue is so controversial.

Walsh read the forum’s proclamation saying that the U.S. benefits from immigrants.

“It says we are a nation of immigrants. Immigrants enrich our culture, grow our economy, and strengthen our communities. It says we strive to be a welcoming community for all,” Walsh said.

Walsh is asking the leaders of other Massachusetts towns to help make immigrants feel welcome.

“We will work together to protect all of our residents, so every child to feels safe in their classroom, every family feels safe in their home, and every resident will be respected in their community,” Walsh said.

Walsh said that in Boston almost one fourth of the residents are immigrants and they need to feel welcome.

Walsh invited the mayors of Lawrence and Somerville to the event.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Carl Stevens reports

Comments (4)
  1. Hey Marty – Try saying “Every criminal should feel safe” and see how that sounds. Illegal immigrants, by very definition are violating the law. Don’t like it? Change the law – that’s how our system works. Find a way to make them legal. In the meantime, they are law breakers.

    But given your union organizer background, sheltering criminals just comes naturally I guess.

  2. Doug Masters says:

    Yep, he cares more about illegal immigrants becoming democrat voters than US citizens.

  3. IMMIGRANTS are fine…….no problem with that…….they are doing it legally…….its the ILLEGAL ones that ARE NOT CITIZENS and have NO RIGHTS in this country…… you harboring them….that makes you an ACCOMPLICE and should be arrested for harboring fugitives!!
    STOP using the term immigrants to describe ILLEGALS!!
    It’s an insult to the ones doing it properly!!

  4. jimthebear says:

    No immigrant should feel scared. ILLEGAL ALIENS ARE NOT IMMIGRANTS.

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