BOSTON (CBS) – A three-year-old boy is back at his Plymouth home safe and sound after police say he was kidnapped by his father and brought to Lynn.

Kyrie Taylor was reunited with his mother at the Lynn police station after his father, 25-year-old Rosba Taylor, also known as Randy, was taken into custody on State Street.

Lynn police were alerted that the father could be headed to the city where he lives, with his son, and when police spotted the car they took him into custody saying he was cooperative and the boy was unharmed.

Rosba Taylor. (Image Credit: Massachusetts State Police)

Police say Taylor assaulted his ex-girlfriend, the mother of his three children inside her Plymouth home, and took off with Kyrie. But Taylor’s family says the mother asked him to come take the children, as he often does, and there was some type of argument.

“She asked him to pick up the kids this morning. When he got there a man answered the door. I don’t know what happened after that,” said Taylor’s stepmother who doesn’t want to be identified.

Taylor’s grandfather, Ernie Paina, says the boy was never in any danger. “For him to take drastic measures something is wrong. That isn’t Randy,” he said.

Police say this three-year-old boy was kidnapped by his dad but returned safely to his mother (WBZ-TV)

Police say they weren’t certain if Taylor was armed and in Lynn they were on the lookout for black Honda. “The alert officers on the street observed the vehicle after the BOLO was put out. It was a good ending,” said Lynn Police Lt. Michael Kmiec.

But Taylor’s family says his ex-girlfriend has made false accusations before, and today was no different. “She proceeded to call the cops telling them he didn’t have a child seat, he had a gun and drugs. When police caught up with him the child was in a car seat, there no guns and no drugs. Randy loves those kids and would do anything for him,” said his stepmother.

Police say they were about to issue an Amber Alert but the child was found.

Beth Germano