BOSTON (CBS) — It certainly seems that the Celtics’ offseason plans hinge on Gordon Hayward bringing his talents to Boston.

The rumors have been fast and furious that the Celtics are looking to pull of a blockbuster swap with the Indiana Pacers for Paul George, but only after Hayward signs on. That can’t officially happen until July 6, though teams can chat and agree to deals with free agents starting July 1.

Talk of Hayward to the Celtics has been around for some time, thanks to his relationship with Boston head coach Brad Stevens during their time at Butler. But there’s always been that fear that he would prefer a much more desirable destination like Miami.

It’s a concern that Adam Jones has had, but as Kurt Helin of Pro Basketball Talk told him Tuesday night on 98.5 The Sports Hub, that likely won’t play into Hayward’s decision-making this summer.

“He’s not a guy who is going to be drawn to Miami, in the sense that it’s a great lifestyle and all of that. He has a family, he stays in. The one time I saw him at a big NBA party type of event, he literally stood in the corner with his buddies on their phones. He’s not the guy who gets out on the dance floor or in the champagne room. That’s not his style,” said Helin. “He’s going to make his decision based on where the experience of basketball would be good. Obviously money, but he’s going to get a lot of that anywhere. [He’ll decided based on] where he can win and where his family wants to be and feel welcome. Boston would be that.”

The Utah Jazz feel confident that they can re-sign their star, but 29 other teams don’t share that sentiment.

“Most of the league thinks he’s ready to move on, in part because your  path to the finals is better in the East,” said Helin. “Golden state isn’t going anywhere. As improved as Utah is, Golden State is going to Golden State for 4-5 more years. That’s daunting.”

Helin also discusses the mindset of Boston’s reported “Plan B,” Blake Griffin, as he approaches free agency, the lack of a trade market for Kevin Love, and if the Lakers are worried about the Celtics acquiring George via trade:

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