BOSTON (CBS) — Bill Belichick: Hall of Fame coach, expert crooner.

That’s at least the story, according to Linda Holliday.

Belichick and Holliday were featured in the July issue of Nantucket Magazine, and in the interview, Holliday was asked for something about Belichick that people would be surprised to know.

“I’ll tell you something about Bill. He can sing. And he can sing well,” she told the magazine. “You won’t hear it. You won’t see it. But he can  sing well.”

That’s some big news if it’s true, and it would mean that Belichick must have taken some singing lessons in recent years, because, well …

Belichick himself did some reflecting in the interview, especially when asked whether the feelings are more intense after winning or losing.

“The disappointment of losing. The lows are lower than the highs,” he said. “But when the last game turns out like it did this year, or like it turned out two years ago — or, you know, I’ve been involved with seven championship seasons — those last a little bit longer. At some point you’ve got to move on from them, but you can hang on a little bit longer.”


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