DUXBURY (CBS) — A 20-year-old Duxbury man accused of impersonating a police officer among other crimes appeared in court on Tuesday.

According to investigators, it was Christopher Barlow’s parents who brought police a gun that their son had made.

When Barlow went down to the station to try and retrieve it, he used a fake Homeland Security ID.

He “proceeded to show them a Homeland Security ID, indicating that he worked for Homeland Security, though he refused to provide any information in regards to who his supervisor was and also would not allow them to copy the ID,” explained Prosecutor Elizabeth Mello.

Weapons and evidence seized from Christopher Barlow by police (Photo Courtesy: Duxbury Police)

Police said, based on information gathered from multiple agencies they were able to obtain a search warrant for Barlow.

There was a keypad to enter his bedroom in his Duxbury home. Once investigators were beyond that, they found Barlow had multiple fake IDs, had purchased parts to make several guns, and that he owned a number of illegal weapons and explosive materials.

Prosecutors said Barlow claimed to have IDs from Homeland Security, the Coast Guard as a special agent, and the Easton, Connecticut Police Department.

“It’s very troubling that a young man, an unlicensed individual, had that type of weaponry and that type of ammunition available to him,” said Dep. Police Chief Stephan McDonald.

It was also mentioned in court that Barlow had blue lights attached to his car. Defense attornies said Barlow had never tried to pull anyone over and they were there because he was an EMT at the Easton Connecticut Volunteer Fire Department.

Gun parts seized from Christopher Barlow (Photo Courtesy: Duxbury Police)

Barlow was arraigned in Plymouth District Court for illegal possession of a firearm, impersonating a police officer, and possession or control of an incendiary device or material.

Neighbors were stunned.

“They are a great family, we’ve never had any problems,” Peggie Lee Baker said. “I was totally unaware that any of this was going on.”

Barlow will be held without bail pending a dangerousness hearing on Wednesday.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Doug Cope reports


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