BOSTON (CBS) – TSA agents have found a number of strange things in luggage over the years, but their latest unusual discovery is uniquely New England.

A spokesman shared a photo Monday of a lobster weighing more than 20 pounds. The crustacean was detected in a checked bag in Terminal C (JetBlue) on Sunday morning.

Lobsters can travel in either carry-on or checked bags. They’re a common sight at New England airports, but this one was notable because of how large it is.

Another look at the large lobster (Image credit: TSA)

The TSA tells WBZ-TV that the lobster was traveling in a cooler and was alive and well.

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  1. The items were “found” during routine pilfering of passenger luggage.

  2. Ed Cole says:

    Doggone alien face-hugger-looking creatures. There is NO WAY those things came from the same original strain of life that became humans or even cats and dogs. Lobster and insects developed from some other strain of life that entered our seas from an entirely different part of the universe.

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