BOSTON (CBS) – TSA agents have found a number of strange things in luggage over the years, but their latest unusual discovery is uniquely New England.

A spokesman shared a photo Monday of a lobster weighing more than 20 pounds. The crustacean was detected in a checked bag in Terminal C (JetBlue) on Sunday morning.

Lobsters can travel in either carry-on or checked bags. They’re a common sight at New England airports, but this one was notable because of how large it is.

Another look at the large lobster (Image credit: TSA)

The TSA tells WBZ-TV that the lobster was traveling in a cooler and was alive and well.

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  1. Why is the TSA posting photos online of peoples private luggage if it’s ok to transport lobsters in luggage. Confirm it’s a lobster and move on.

    1. BlackandGoldMNBruinsFan says:

      EXACTLY RIGHT???? Why the heck is it OK for TSA to not only post pictures…..but why the heck are they taking pictures of their agents going through private luggage in the first place?!?!?!

      1. did they subject the lobster to a secondary invasive screening? Looks like a terrorist to me.

    2. Yeah, they need to fire that TSA agent. He should be WORKING and not showing off other peoples PRIVATE property. He is abusing his position and his authority.

      1. Jack Davis says:

        He is also abusing that lobster by removing it from the cold, moist cooler and exposing it to the dry air-conditioning in the airport. You KNOW he didn’t go right back in the cooler either. It’s too big a spectacle. That lobster might die before getting to its destination because of its time in the dry air.

  2. deenibeeni says:

    Lobsters can “travel”??? You make them sound like pets, or at least mules. Speaking of which, did someone check it for bags of dope?

    1. Bill Snyder says:

      Why not? Delta allows anything to gly with the passenger except snakes and chickens. Sometimes flying Delta is like riding in a Mexican Chicken Bus.

  3. Brus Al says:

    Fido (the lobster) filed a police report with local authorities alleging battery against the TSA agent.

  4. Jeffrey Gee says:

    Yeah, but did they molest it like a grandma in a wheel chair and take it to the rape room?

  5. Jack Davis says:

    So…. If my wife has some sexy undies, it would be OK for TSA to hold ’em up for a picture right? Silly me, I forgot it’s OK for the TSA to fondle my WIFE let alone stuff in the luggage.

  6. Nota Newsa says:

    Are they going to show photos of my family to the public too? What a bunch of sick pukes! No privacy, they are WAY out of line.

  7. they can’t find bombs but they CAN find lobsters.

  8. anmnh says:

    Sad. This guy is more than 200 years old, born before trains and telephones and automobiles. Why handle him carelessly when he’s on his way to die in a pot somewhere?

    1. Don James says:

      Look at the smirk on this TSA jerk’s face: “Uhhhh, hey folx, I just kilt a lobstah that was about to exkape bak inta da osheen!”

      Do you feel safer with idiots like this assigned to TSA checkpoints?

  9. Doug Day says:

    I am absolutely stunned, astounded, and amazed…a white TSA employee

  10. Anne Sarah says:

    What is the market priced of this here lobster?

  11. So, even though they haven’t caught one terrorist, they’re proud of catching a lobster?
    So, should law enforcement agencies be proud of catching criminals that work for the TSA?
    Far more of those caught than illicit stuff out of someone’s bag.

  12. Dave Fay says:

    If it is legal and not against airport or airline rules to have a lobster in a checked bag, why is the TSA playing with and photographing someone’s personal private property? Does this mean the TSA can also open anyone’s bags and play with and photograph their underwear, sex toys or any other it legal items they just feel like playing with?

  13. Jason Leeman says:

    The Boston TSA are the biggest goons in the country. They really think they are important like detaining people for 30 minutes to verify protein bars in a carry on.

  14. Scott Brown says:

    Time to fire Michael McCarthy for taking selfies with the private property of passengers when no rules or laws were broken at all.

  15. Meanwhile, while this UNION TOOL TSA worker posed with a lobster (traveling legally) bombs, guns and drugs in other bags were successfully smuggled past him.

  16. They also found some melted butter in another bag and had a party.

  17. So what we’re seeing here is a government official, after having violated the 5th Amendment rights of another citizen, publicly gloating over the private property of his victim… and the lamestream news story was centered around the “unusual find”.

    Lamestream Media, carrying leftist government water for generations!

  18. Peter Cowles says:

    A through pat in order here…

  19. invasion of that traveler’s privacy.

  20. Richard Frey says:

    Lobsters that Big are not good to eat, they often Fight……

  21. Tim Cohen says: :
    Any time a big lobster like this is caught, there’s a fierce online debate about its age. Estimates vary on the pound-per-year age chart, but it’s assumed this lobster is well over 60 years old and possibly over 100.

    1. Tim Cohen says:

      Largest ever was caught in Maine 51.5 lbs 1926

  22. That’s no lobster – that’s a lawbstah.

  23. These are the idiots who gum up the process.

  24. Cool! How much butter did they find?

  25. Was it groped, fondled, and cavity searched TSA Pedophile Style?

  26. Look at the pictures of louie the lobster when he was released. That’s him!

  27. TSA not stealing the lobster for lunch is the story.

  28. TSA getting their dirty paws on private property. If it is food – why do you want this guy’s dirty hands on it. If it is for display – bacteria on his hands could kill the creature after it is put in a tank..

  29. Not newsworthy. Cops call the government media and they come running in furtherance of the Police Welfare State of diminsihed individual / property rights with no real security or liberty for the citizen tax slave.

  30. I brought a frozen goose in carryon once (to make holiday dinner for friends I was visiting). As I expected, that luggage did get screened after the xray machine. The TSA guy was excitedly having me take one thing out and say what it was, then another, etc. Finally he blurted out “Is it a turkey?” I told him no, it was a goose. Turned out he’d bet the Xray guy $5 it was a turkey when the Xray guy couldn’t figure out just WHAT he was seeing…. I got the guy to talking and they have a fairly rational rule that they don’t talk about. If the Xray guy can’t figure out what something is, have the luggage inspected then have the inspector tell him just what it was he saw on the xray screen so he will recognize it next time.

    That was better than the time I brought a bunch of shortbread cookies along in carryon and got a rather agitated screening until the guy saw what they were. So I asked and he said they looked just like one of the things they’re trained on – a military package of C4 explosive. He showed me how to pack them in the future to avoid the problem.

  31. Vox Veritas says:

    Ahh — the smell of fake news in the morning.

    Let me guess…the lobster’s name is Thermidor.

  32. Highly unethical for TSA to have made and distributed this picture.

  33. The items were “found” during routine pilfering of passenger luggage.

  34. Ed Cole says:

    Doggone alien face-hugger-looking creatures. There is NO WAY those things came from the same original strain of life that became humans or even cats and dogs. Lobster and insects developed from some other strain of life that entered our seas from an entirely different part of the universe.