SUNAPEE, NH (CBS) – A New Hampshire woman out trimming roses was mauled by a bobcat. It was dusk when Elsie Dabrowski made her nightly trip to lock up the chicken coop and decided she would do a little bit of weeding in the garden.

“I still can’t believe it happened,” Dabrowski said.

The 80-year-old grandmother showed us the rose bush where she was hacking weeds with her sickle when the bobcat pounced on her and sunk its teeth into her face.

“All I could think of is ‘why is he doing this, why is this stupid cat attacking me?’” Dabrowski said.

Elsie Dabrowski was attacked by a bobcat in Sunapee, NH (WBZ-TV)

She turned her sickle on the beast as some of her five dogs scrambled over to help.

“He just kept scratching and biting and then the dogs came and chased him off,” she said.

By then, the bobcat had ripped into her in five places, causing wounds that would take 60 stitches to close. Her adult son heard the commotion from his yard nearby.

“He heard it and he got the gun and came down,” she said.

Elsie Dabrowski was attacked by a bobcat in Sunapee, NH (WBZ-TV)

Came down and killed the bobcat with a shotgun blast. On Monday, it tested positive for rabies, but Elsie still considers herself lucky.

“It could have got my eye, could have got my jugular could have got anything you know,” she says. “I feel very, very fortunate.”

Elsie, her son and her dogs are now all getting rabies shots. But she harbors no ill will towards the bobcat, which already had a face full of porcupine quills before it attacked her.

“The animal was sick and he was looking for an easy meal with the chickens so he came here,” she said.

She’s had close encounters before on her 90 acres with bears, moose, and coyotes but never even seen a bobcat and the only change in routine she plans is to finish her chores before dark.

State wildlife experts say this is the first rabid bobcat confirmed in New Hampshire since 2013. But the bobcat population there has grown steadily since 1989 when hunting them was outlawed.

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  1. I owned a large Maine coon cat (housecat) who accidentally got outside and into some nettle bushes. When I found him, he was trapped in them, frozen and afraid to move because of the outrageous pain of the stinging nettles. I bent to pick him up and to my overwhelming shock, he attacked me, shredding my arm from elbow to fingertips and I was bleeding profusely in under a minute. He was nothing but a sweet love muffin usually. The point is that the porcupine needles in the mouth of a very young, juvenile bobcat might well produce the same crazy, frightened, reaction as my own cat. This son of hers with his so-called ‘outdoorsman’ knowledge is a complete idiot for shooting it. They should receive a citation or fined for their ignorance.

    1. Joe Johnson says:

      So he should have left the poor RABID bobcat alone?

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