WINTHROP (CBS) — The two-year anniversary of Bella Bond’s remains being found was remembered on Sunday.

A vigil in the two-year-old’s honor was held on Deer Island where Bella’s body was first seen.

“I think it’s just so wonderful the people who found her kept perpetuating her memory. that’s a significant loss to everybody,” one woman said.

“We love baby Bella and she deserved so much more than this,” the creators of the event said on Facebook.

Organizer Lorraine Noel said, “She was young and precious and basically an angel of God. And someone just took her life like it was nothing. That bothered me.”

Joe Fish attended the vigil because his own daughter reminded him of Bella.

“It hit us because my daughter looks almost like she did when she was that age. And they were the same age when it happened,” he explained.

A small crowd gathers at Bella Bond’s vigil (WBZ-TV)

In 2015, Bella’s remains were found washed up in a trash bag that had weights in it.

As investigators searched to identify her for months, she was just known as Baby Doe.

A sketch of how investigators believed the girl looked circulated online around the world more than 50 million times.

Police said they received over 300 leads in the girl’s identity.

Rachelle Bond’s daughter Bella and the image of Baby Doe issued by police. (Facebook photo and State Police image)

“It gives me chills. I don’t have kids of my own yet, but just to think of anyone hurting a small child,” another woman said shaking her head. “I really really hope that this guy gets what’s coming to him.”

Stones were left by a small memorial for Bella.

“To leave a stone is to let someone know that they’re not forgotten and that we were here to respect their memory,” explained one woman.

Michael McCarthy and Rachelle Bond in court, Sept. 21, 2015. (WBZ-TV)

Shortly after Bella was identified in September of 2015, Michael McCarthy the ex-boyfriend of Bella’s mother, Rachelle Bond, was arrested on a murder charge. Bond was arrested for accessory after the fact.

On Friday afternoon, jurors finished their fourth day of deliberations without a verdict in the case against McCarthy.


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