DEDHAM (CBS) – A cat was killed in a vicious attack at a Dedham apartment complex. A pit bull ran into a Jane Regan’s apartment and killed her cat Gem.

“That was one of the things that made me most sad about what happened to Gem, was that Gem died so scared,” said Regan.

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After recently getting a new cell phone, Regan misses her lost photos of her sweet cat Gem. Because the one image she can’t erase from her mind is the way her pet was killed.

Gem was killed by a pit bull at a Dedham apartment (WBZ-TV)

“By the time I came in the house the dog had her cornered,” Regan said. “She was dead and it was pretty gruesome.”

There is a strict no pit bull policy at the Avalon Station 250 complex, but the dog was still allowed to live there as an emotional support animal.

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Jane had been enjoying some sunshine with her daughter and months-old grandbaby. Suddenly the pit bull without a collar charged across their patio and into their apartment.

A pit bull ran into a Dedham apartment and killed a cat (WBZ-TV)

“Eventually the dog just kind of looked up and walked out, like the game was over,” Regan recalled. “There’s blood on his paws and his face and stuff and he’s just hanging around.”

In a statement to WBZ, Avalon Station 250 writes in part: “Our hearts go out to the resident whose cat was killed in a terrible accident… Following this very unfortunate incident, though, the dog involved has been removed from the community.”

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Dedham Police say they’re still investigating, and wouldn’t comment on what, if anything, happens next. The Regans have always loved cats, but are still too upset right now to bring another home.