DEDHAM (CBS) – A cat was killed in a vicious attack at a Dedham apartment complex. A pit bull ran into a Jane Regan’s apartment and killed her cat Gem.

“That was one of the things that made me most sad about what happened to Gem, was that Gem died so scared,” said Regan.

After recently getting a new cell phone, Regan misses her lost photos of her sweet cat Gem. Because the one image she can’t erase from her mind is the way her pet was killed.

Gem was killed by a pit bull at a Dedham apartment (WBZ-TV)

“By the time I came in the house the dog had her cornered,” Regan said. “She was dead and it was pretty gruesome.”

There is a strict no pit bull policy at the Avalon Station 250 complex, but the dog was still allowed to live there as an emotional support animal.

Jane had been enjoying some sunshine with her daughter and months-old grandbaby. Suddenly the pit bull without a collar charged across their patio and into their apartment.

A pit bull ran into a Dedham apartment and killed a cat (WBZ-TV)

“Eventually the dog just kind of looked up and walked out, like the game was over,” Regan recalled. “There’s blood on his paws and his face and stuff and he’s just hanging around.”

In a statement to WBZ, Avalon Station 250 writes in part: “Our hearts go out to the resident whose cat was killed in a terrible accident… Following this very unfortunate incident, though, the dog involved has been removed from the community.”

Dedham Police say they’re still investigating, and wouldn’t comment on what, if anything, happens next. The Regans have always loved cats, but are still too upset right now to bring another home.

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  1. Lisa Padgett says:

    Yet another lying Pit owner skirting the rules so the dog can ruin lives. Wash, rinse, repeat.

  2. James Duncan says:

    Pit bull owner ignorantly scams an “emotional support” dog that emotionally destroys other people, in this case even with a home invasion. No excuse for this. Animal agencies such as the SPCA, HSUS, etc. are ultimately responsible for these regularly occurring events in not educating the public about the unpredictable hazards of bully breed dogs such as the pit bull. Luckily it was just the cat this time. Google “pit bull attack” and find daily news reports of mauled children, grownups, and livestock. Most of these events involve 4-7 figure total bills for injury, trauma, disfigurement, plastic surgery, rehab, and often life flights. Typically, these expenses are covered by the health care system and taxpayers. These are life changing events.

  3. Am I surprised? No, not at all. Pit bull breaks into neighbor’s home and kills (dog, cat, child, elderly, you name it). It happens every day, unfortunately. I’m so tired of it. Yes, as the above commenter says, google pit bull attack and you’ll see the daily maulings. So sorry to Ms. Regan and her lovely Gem.

  4. My condolences to Ms. Regan and her beautiful cat. I feel your pain, a neighbor’s pit bull type dog rammed through my wrought iron and attacked my dog. He did not survive the injuries. You will never forget the horrific demise. The least appropriate dog to be a service dog especially for emotional support is a pit bull, but this is what pit bull owners do so they don’t have to obey rules.

  5. Despicable breed bred originally by the dog men of old England for fighting them in pits, NEVER a pet ever. This is sickening. This must end.

  6. Pit bull owner here. Nonetheless, let’s be truthful. Pit bulls were bred under strong selective pressure for hundreds of years to attack and kill other animals. They are about 5% of dogs kept as pets yet are responsible for over 90% of serious attacks on people and other animals, killing over 40 animals a day and a person every 17 days in the US, seriously injuring many more in both categories. Their manner attacking with little warning, biting, shaking and great refusal to release is what allows them to do so much damage in a short amount of time. About 1 in 40 pit bulls is involved in a serious attack compared to about 1 in 50,000 dogs of all other breeds combined. They are the most abused, neglected, fought, abandoned and euthanized dogs in the country. Breed specific legislation can turn off this faucet of tragedy.

  7. The “emotional support animal” farce is becoming a big problem. People are using it to take their pets on planes and evade rational housing rules governing pets.

    In her home! She was lucky her grandchild was not attacked.

  8. The difference between an emotional support dog an a pet pit bull is a nasty lying pit bull owner who thinks the rules shouldn’t apply to her. We now see the good reason pit bulls were banned here. pit bulls in apartments are idiotic in the first place.
    These invasion attacks are a daily occurrence now. This must be stopped. The fact that these things will just invade our homes for the express purpose of killing our pets or attacking us and our children means THEY ARE UNFIT TO BE PETS. Or service animals for that matter.

    This is a list of gruesome invasion attacks. There is no list like this for any other kind of dog because normal pet dogs don’t do this.

    look up “Safety Before Pit Bulldogs, Invasion pit bull attacks” to see a gruesome list of these attacks.

  9. As a disabled person relying on my own Service Dogs it makes me FURIOUS how people have figured out how to “Scam” the system. Pit Bulls/Bully Breeds have ZERO rights (in my opinion) to be Service Dogs or Emotional Support Animals. They’re 100% unpredictable in average homes WITHOUT members needing “support” and STILL maul/maim/kill. What makes ANYONE think it’s any different as an Emotional Support Animal?? “ESA’s require/have ZERO training and are ONLY protected in HUD Housing Communities (Housing Urban Development). Meaning..if a breed of dog is BANNED or PROHIBITED all that’s needed is a letter from a Psychiatrist and VOILA a dog or even a Pit/Pit Mix is allowed to live freely there. Safety and welfare and the COMMON Rights of others to “enjoy a quiet, peaceful home” is shattered with these Federally Protected BEASTS which AREN’T at all suited for those with “emotional issues” because they’re “too prone to overload” when around a person with high anxiety. Sure, let’s have more of these dogs living in our Communities. I’d sure feel far safer NOT!

  10. Serafima Yan says:

    This cat also was an emotional support for her owners, but without phony papers. Unacceptable!

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