By Paula Ebben

BOSTON (CBS) – It was supposed to be a special present for his 10th birthday.

“Last June I purchased a GoPro for my grandson,” explained Noreen McDonald.

But instead of receiving the GoPro Hero Noreen had ordered, a different GoPro model arrived.

The return process was more difficult than most. That’s because the GoPro box was labeled correctly but the wrong camera was inside.

“We had gone back and forth 5 or 6 times at least,” said Noreen.

Noreen McDonald (Photo Credit: WBZ-TV)

After trading all those emails with the seller to explain the situation Noreen thought the matter was settled and sent the camera back in the mail to Deal Express, a third party vendor with

Health issues kept Noreen from following up and she didn’t realize until this spring that the company never refunded her credit card the $245 for the GoPro. “I really felt cheated,” she said.

When she did follow up she got an email saying, “We’re not refunding your money because you didn’t send us back the camera that we sent you,” said Noreen.

Even though it was Noreen who was sent the wrong camera in the first place. Amazon couldn’t help because it had been longer than 6 months.

“I’m driving, listening to the radio, and I hear Call 4 Action. And I went ‘I am going for that,’” said Noreen. “Twenty-six hours later I had my refund. The situation was taken care of, just awesome. I was so thrilled I couldn’t believe it.”

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Paula Ebben


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