BOSTON (CBS) — Boston Police arrested three teens from New Hampshire who they say viciously attacked and robbed popular Boston street performer Keytar Bear.

They said Keytar Bear was surrounded by the young men as he played music for crowds at Faneuil Hall at Congress and State Streets around 4:40 p.m. Saturday.

“He’s doing okay, he not in the best frame of mind, he’s feeling really suspicious,” said Abby Taylor, a friend of Keytar Bear.

“He’s feeling dejected, he’s feeling like people are letting him down again.”

Keytar Bear in 2014. (Keytar Bear Fundraising/Facebook)

Witnesses said the men ripped off the performer’s mask, beat him in his face and body, and called him racial slurs.

One woman who said she witnessed the attack told WBZ-TV the young men slammed the performer face first into the ground and stole his tips.

She even took a photo she says shows the moment before the teens attacked.

Keytar Bear was attacked June 17, 2017. (Photo credit: Jessica Baldwin)

Police said a group of witnesses tried to intervene, but the suspects used racial slurs against them, too.

A Boston Police officer called to the scene said the group ran when he turned on his lights and sirens, but he chased them down Water and Devonshire Streets.

He said they climbed onto building scaffolding and tried to hide, but they were ordered down and arrested.

The three juveniles were charged with assault and battery, affray, and disorderly conduct–and one got an added minor in possession of alcohol charge after police found a bottle of vodka in his pocket.

Boston Police said this latest attack is being investigated by their Civil Rights Unit.

Keytar Bear and Taylor in 2014 (Photo Courtesy of Abby Taylor)

It’s not the first time Keytar Bear has been attacked. He was punched in the face in the spring of 2014 by a man he said he believed had attacked him before.

Taylor became close with Keytar Bear after she organized a fundraiser for him following that attack.

“I was so angry that it happened again,” said Taylor. “That is unacceptable right now in the world that we live in.”

Street performers around Boston said an attack on one of them is an attack on all of them.

“I didn’t feel right at all when I heard,” said Mike Young. He added that he felt extra protective over the other street performers out.

Keytar Bear was out of the Hospital Sunday night and recovering in Worcester.

Taylor added, “I really hope that we’re able to get the smile back on his face.”