GEORGETOWN (CBS) – A police officer in Georgetown faced an unexpected task while on patrol Thursday morning – corralling a 1,000-pound pig.

Officer Henry Olshefsky responded to a report of a loose pig in a yard on Birch Tree Drive.

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It turns out the pig was not too hard to spot, thanks to its massive size.

Olshefsky found the pig in the driveway of a home on Long Hill Road.

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Police say the pig “appeared friendly, and was hanging out by a Frisbee, ready to play.”

After the pig walked out of the driveway, Olshefsky guided it down the street onto Red Pine Way in Rowley.

A Georgetown police officer guided a massive pig to safety. (Image Credit: Georgetown Police)

The pig recognized the farm where it had broken out of its pen. Upon seeing the farm, the pig ran back home safely.

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“When I first got this call I thought I was going to be dealing with a small pig, but after seeing him, I realized I was dealing with a giant animal,” Officer Olshefsky said. “Thankfully, I was able to easily direct him back home while in my cruiser, where he seemed happy to be.”