By Paula Ebben

BOSTON (CBS) — Margie Kirstein signed a contract and paid $20,000 upfront to a contractor to finish the third floor of Dedham two-family.  But after a sub-contractor roughed out the space, Kirstein says the general contractor never showed up at the property. “I just can’t believe that they left such a mess,” she said.

The space has rough plumbing and studs on the walls, and it has looked like that since February. “He didn’t pay for materials.  He didn’t pay the sub-contractor, so what did he do with the money we gave him?” she wondered.

For weeks she texted him in an effort to get him to return to the job, but months went by with no work being done. That’s when she called the I-Team’s Call for Action.  “I saw it on TV and I was like, I’m calling. I was so frustrated,” she said.

Margie Kirstein who called the I-Team for help with a bad contractor. (Photo credit: WBZ-TV)

When we called the contractor back in March, he promised to move ahead with the project, but nothing happened.

We called him again earlier this month and a few days later, she got a letter in the mail. “He gave me a certified check for $10,000 which is in the bank, so the WBZ Call for Action works,” she said.

Margie is still negotiating the remainder of a settlement, but can now hire a new contractor to finish the job.

If you have an issue you need help with, reach out to the I-Team’s Call for Action at 617-787-7070 or email us at

Paula Ebben


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