BOSTON (CBS) — It was an Over/Under Tuesday on the Game of Jones, as Adam Jones and Nick Cattles went over a number of topics related to the Red Sox, Patriots, and NBA. After David Price’s profane tirade last week, how many more F-bombs do you expect him to drop at Dan Shaughnessy and others?

The over/unders, and Jones’ answers, can be seen below:

Championships for LeBron James for the rest of his career: Over/Under 0.5

“I begrudgingly have to go over,” said Jones. “I don’t want to, but I’ve got to give LeBron another title before his career is out. It doesn’t mean he’s going to do it with this current roster with the Cavaliers. … But if he bolts to L.A. and he’s got a chance to hand-pick it and he goes hand-in-hand with another star … I can’t rule out that he’s going to win again.”

Titles for the city of Cleveland in the next decade: Over/Under 0.5

“That one’s clearly under,” said Jones. “The city of Cleveland? They just got their one. Now we’re getting greedy. What, you think the Indians are going to win one? You think LeBron’s going to turn around and win one with the Cavaliers again? … Maybe the Browns.”

Years until a team other than Golden State represents the Western Conference in the NBA Finals: Over/Under 2.5

“I still think you’ve got to go over on that,” said Jones. “We’ve got Golden State winning this year already, winning the next two, maybe more than that. I just don’t see them going anywhere any time soon. I don’t.”

Brandin Cooks touchdown total in 2017: Over/Under Julian Edelman’s touchdown total

“I’m going to go under,” said Jones. “I think that Cooks is going to have a phenomenal year. He’s going to put up big numbers and he’s going to be a game-breaker. He’s going to be the big play guy. … But when it comes to the red zone, I think that’s about trust – and I’m not saying that Brady and Cooks can’t have a trust or get on the same page – but I know Brady trusts Edelman. I know Edelman is crafty at getting open in tight spaces. I still think Edelman will get more touchdowns this year. Doesn’t make him a better receiver, doesn’t mean he has a better year, but I’ll take Edelman in that.”

F-bombs hurled by David Price toward Dan Shaughnessy for rest of season: Over/Under 100

“I’ll go over,” said Jones. “It doesn’t have to be him just calling [Shaughnessy] out. … It can be kind of under-your-breath F-bombs. So I’ll say ‘over’ on that.”

Listen to the full podcast above!


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