BOSTON (CBS) — ESPN’s ’30 For 30′ series has created some of the best sports documentaries in history over the past several years. This week’s “Best of Enemies,” which spotlights the Celtics-Lakers rivalry, figures to continue that tradition.

But someone on the social media team, in an apparent rush to create some promotion, made a major goof.

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major goof.

The ESPN ’30 For 30′ account tweeted out a list of the greatest Celtics and Lakers players, placing a dollar value on each player between $1 and $5, and instructing people to create the best possible team with a maximum budget of $15 imaginary dollars.

There was just one problem.

Larry Bird wasn’t on the list.

The tweet was quickly deleted … but nothing on the internet is every truly deleted:

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ESPN 30 For 30 with a Larry Bird omission. (Screenshot from Twitter/@30For30)

ESPN 30 For 30 tweet (Screen shot from Twitter/@30For30)

(Robert Parish was also misspelled, a mistake that looks minor in comparison.)

You’ll notice some of the names on that list would have been easy to ignore, but somehow a person or group of people managed to create that whole graphic without realizing the glaring omission.

It was quite a significant mistake, one that didn’t go unnoticed by folks on Twitter.

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Hopefully for the sake of the documentary, nobody on the production side forgot about Larry.