SALEM (CBS) —  A Massachusetts community is coming together to grieve the tragic loss of a young boy.

“It’s very difficult when you have to explain things to an 11-year-old that they should not have to think about,” said David Guarino, a parent who was a part of the group gathering at Carlton Innovation School Sunday night.

Guarino’s son was in Jayden Dancy‘s class.

On Friday night, Jayden, 10, was playing with friends near railroad tracks by the Castle Hill neighborhood when he was struck and killed by an MBTA train. Dancy had been trying to retrieve his bicycle from the other side of the tracks.

Witnesses say Dancy saw and heard the northbound train and waited. Then he started across the tracks. He didn’t see the southbound train.

“I think that we are all feeling the pain and suffering that comes when you have an awful tragedy like this occur,” said Mayor Kim Driscoll.

School officials and grief councilors were ready to help parents and students cope at the gathering and then will be throughout the week at school.

“Everyone wanted to immediately come together there were small groups of parents and folks who came together over the last few days just to be together and then really around this family,” Guarino said.

“The questions that [my son] has been asking, and all of the children have been asking, over the last few days have been really difficult to answer,” he added.

Just last year, Jayden was a hero. When he was nine years old, he tried to save a kayaker on the water near his home. He pulled him to shore and called police. The boy was honored at Carleton Elementary School by police and two state leaders.


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