BOSTON (CBS) — The head of the Democratic Party in the Bay State says the governor needs to speak up for the people of Massachusetts in the face of President Trump.

WBZ political analyst Jon Keller sat down with Gus Bickford, Chairman of the Massachusetts Democratic Party and long-time party activist this week.

Bickford said that, even though Gov. Charlie Baker refused to vote for and has broken with Trump over issues like the travel ban and health care reform, the governor “needs to stand up.”

Gus Bickford, Chairman of the Massachusetts Democratic Party. (WBZ-TV)

“You hear the Democrats across this state and the nation standing up to this president, he’s a disaster,” said Bickford. “We need some Republicans to join in on that, and Charlie Baker needs to do that. He needs to stop writing letters, he needs to stop ‘being disappointed,’ he needs to go down there and speak up for the people of Massachusetts and just say, ‘This is unacceptable.'”

He says things like cuts to medical research funding and changes to healthcare could be devastating to the Commonwealth’s budget and economy.

“We lost the China summit to Boston because of this president,” he said.

Bickford said he wants Gov. Baker to speak out against the disturbing trends he said Trump’s presidency has created.

“I speak to teachers, and they have students that ask, ‘What do you do when you have a president that lies?’ I have read about people who talk about disciplining students and they say, ‘Well I’m just saying what the president says,'” Bickford said. “We’ve got the fourth estate, the media that is under attack by this president and I find [that] very dangerous.”

Keller and Bickford also discussed health care, and compared Gov. Baker to Gov. Deval Patrick.

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  1. So what else is new? The state’s Democratic Committee Chairman complaining about the Governor?

    How come he isn’t outlining areas of agreement whereby the Democrats and the Governor can work together together for the benefit of The People instead of for the benefit of the legislators?

    Being able to own an use a shovel is far more productive in clearing away the obstacles for consensus than using it to bash people over the head for partisan purposes.

    Are you pressing pols like Mr. Bickford , Jon, to address “the possible” and to articulate where they think cooperative government might take or Commonwealth? The questions, of course, need to be addressed to Gov. Baker, too, but remember, Bickford, in his position, has no direct relevance to the day-to-day workings of our state’s legislature and executive.

    Blockbuster stuff comes only once a generation, if then. Incrementally is where the gains are made, and much of the focus needs to be applied there, not in the grandiose schemes of the chief hack and his hacklings.

    1. bees_knees_6 says:

      How is it you have noticed that Baker and the dems in MA are working together? Why do you think Baker’s governorship is so successful? As has been the case with all republican governors (we have after all had more years of Rs than Ds as governor), the governor does not shut out voices cross the aisle and the left does not shut out the voice of the governor.

      In this case of this topic, I do not agree with Jon. It is clear how Baker feels about Trump. He doesn’t need to shout it from the rooftops. He needs to do exactly what he is doing and work for the best of Massachusetts. He is an exceptional governor but then Massachusetts seems to do better when the governor is on the right. In addition, yelling in the face of Trump has negative effects from a president who can be quite vindictive.

      Nope, Bickford, our governor does not need advice from you.

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