BOSTON (CBS) – Managing a chronic illness can be difficult, especially with many medications, but a company located in Boston has developed an app that could make a world of difference.

“I have chronic neurological Lyme disease and co-infections,” says Emily Levy of Charlestown. The 23-year old takes more medications than most 80-year-olds.

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“On a daily basis, I’m taking anywhere from 20 to 30 pills and then I do anywhere from two to four IV infusions per day,” says Emily.


Staying on top of all of her antibiotics, supplements, probiotics, and infusions was a real challenge until she was introduced to Medisafe.

“Medisafe gives patients a tool, a medication management tool, to get their medications organized,” says Jon Michaeli, Medisafe Executive Vice President of Marketing and Business Development.

Through the use of an app, the Medisafe platform reminds users when to take their medications, how to take them, warns of potential drug interactions, and provides educational videos.

Medisafe app (WBZ-TV)

And users can add family members, including furry ones.

“So within one user account,” explains Michaeli, “a person can manage multiple profiles for him or herself for the kids, the pets, the spouse, and a parent.”

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There are many pill reminder apps on the market but Medisafe says it is much more than a glorified alarm clock and has data to back it up.

“Our patients have an 8% to 20% higher script or prescription refill rate than those not using Medisafe, which is a measure for adherence,” says Michaeli.

Dr. Carey Kimmelstiel is a cardiologist at Tufts Medical Center. He says non-adherence, with patients forgetting doses or mixing up medications, is a huge problem in medicine, leading to a greater risk of complication, hospitalization, and death, in some cases.

“An app that was user friendly that could speak to patients across a broad base would have a lot to offer in terms of improving outcomes medically and also reducing costs substantially across the medical system,” says Dr. Kimmelstiel.

It’s hard to believe Emily can keep her large arsenal of medications straight, but she says Medisafe keeps her right on track.

“This is an app that is going to help people stay healthy and manage their care,” says Emily.

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Medisafe is currently being used by 3.6 million people worldwide and growing. Users can get it for free at the Apple and Google Play app stores.

Dr. Mallika Marshall