TIVERTON, Rhode Island (CBS) — It’s a stinky situation in one Rhode Island town.

A Tiverton man used thousands of unwashed clam shells to create an access road on his property.

Signs outside the stinky property in Tiverton. (WBZ-TV)

His neighbors say the smell of rotting clam meat, which has attracted flies and maggots, is unbearable.

“Everything is sort of taken over by this just stench of decaying,” neighbor Blair Moore said.

She said they politely asked the homeowner to put down washed clam shells instead, but he said no.

A road paved with unwashed clam shells is causing a stinky situation in Tiverton. (WBZ-TV)

“It’s like bodies decaying,” said Blair’s mother.

Police are investigating, and the town administrator has issued a cease and desist order–but so far, the shells are still there.

Neighbors have started a petition to get the clam shells removed, and at this point, they’re just hoping the smell doesn’t get any worse.

  1. Why didn’t you explain WHY the guy did this ? ? ? Incomplete reporting !